4th Annual Black Beer Friday 11/24

Andrew  |  November 22

Quest will celebrate Black Friday with their annual Black Beer Friday on Nov 11/24 from 12 pm – 9 pm. Sixteen dark beers will be available for fans of the heftier beers. Taster trays will be available but 1/2 pours will be preferred to help speed the serving time from the bar staff. Below is a partial list of the beers that will be available:

-Sour Kaldi Coffee Stout
-Café Peche Coffee Peach Stout
-2016 Imperial Yuyum Pecan Porter
-2015 Imperial Smoking Mirror Porter
-5-Grain Whiskey Barrel-Aged Kaldi
-2016 Yuyum Pecan Porter
-Yuyum Pecan Porter
-Noire Belgian Black
-2016 Rum Barrel-aged Yuyum Pecan porter
-2016 Bourbon Barrel-aged Kaldi Coffee Stout
-2017 Bourbon Barrel-aged coffee stout
-Oat Whiskey Barrel-aged Kaldi Coffee Stout
-Cask-conditioned Yuyum Pecan Porter with cherries & dark chocolate
-Smoked Peach Dark Saison
-Smoking Mirror Smoked Porter
-Kaldi Coffee Stout

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