Smoking Mirror named in ‘Best Beers of 2016’

Andrew  |  January 23


Quest’s Smoking Mirror Smoked Porter was named one of the best beers of 2016 on The article, penned by Dan Bortz, featured beers from around the country that made 2016 memorable.

Click here to read the article.

Quest on ‘Scene on 7’ 5/17

Andrew  |  May 19


Quest Brewing Company was featured on the Monday May 16th edition of the Scene on 7 television show on WSPA 7. In this interview, Vanessa de la Viña talks to the guys at Quest about winning a gold medal at the 2016 World Beer cup.

Click here to see the video segment.

Quest featured in ‘Garden & Gun’

Andrew  |  July 21

Carolina Beer Guy Talks Quest Growth in North Carolina

Andrew  |  January 26

Smoking Mirror Featured in Sip of the Week

Andrew  |  December 19

Smoking Mirror Featured in Article on Local Porters

Andrew  |  December 1


Tony Kiss, Carolina Beer Guy writer for Asheville Citizen-Times and Greenville News, recently wrote about some of the local Porters available in the Carolinas (and one from England) as the weather gets colder.  Our very own Smoking Mirror was included among the list.  Check out the article here.

Quest featured in the Citizen-Times

Andrew  |  October 23



Quest Brewing Company was featured in the Asheville Citizen-Times on Thursday October 23, 2014. The article, penned by Daniel Hartis, focuses on Quest’s Don Richardson and his history with developing pumpkin-flavored beers.

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Quest in ‘The Greenville News’ 9/8/14

Andrew  |  September 9


Quest was featured on the front page of the 9/08/2014 edition of The Greenville News.  The article, penned by Eric Connor and featuring photography by Mykal McEldowne, takes a look inside yoga class at Quest Brewing Co.   Yoga classes are held every Monday evening at 6 pm at the brewery.

You can read the article here.


Quest in Columbia’s ‘FreeTimes’ 6/25/14

Andrew  |  June 25


Quest’s Golden Fleece Belgian Pale Ale was reviewed in the June 25th edition of the FreeTimes magazine.  The review, by Gerald Jowers, reviews Quest’s first can offering.  You can read the review by clicking here.

Quest in ‘The Greenville News’ 6/2/14

Andrew  |  June 3


Quest was featured in the 6/02/2014 edition of The Greenville News.  The article, penned by Eric Connor, discusses the ‘Stone’ Bill in and how it effects the brewing industry in SC.

You can read the article here.

Our reply to this article can be found below:

‘The initial reaction to the article may come off as Quest having a ‘negative’ view of the bill.  That is far from the truth.  Only a small portion of the interview was quoted.  Quest Brewing Company appreciates the help and support of all involved in the miracle that was accomplished by getting this bill passed in such a short amount of time.   We actively participated in rallying support for the passage of this bill.  It is truly a historic step for the craft brewing industry in our state.  The attention that our industry is getting from our elected officials can only help our efforts to make South Carolina a craft brewery destination.

However, we fully endorse the statements as quoted in the article.  Quest takes pride in every beer we produce.  We do not use added preservatives, adjuncts, extracts, or any other ingredient that does not meet our ethical standards.  In order for us to serve food, we would be governed by those same company principles.  This is why we have no present interest in being part of the food service industry.  We do appreciate that (with the passage of this bill) South Carolina breweries now have more options.  We were simply pointing out a detail in the current model that REQUIRES food service in order to loosen market restrictions.  

Perhaps this bill will be changed by an amendment or a future bill.  Perhaps this bill will attract a large, west coast brewery that we would welcome as neighbors with open arms.  But in its current form, this bill does not lead us to change our brewery’s current business operations.’