Our History

Quest Brewing Company officially started becoming a reality in January 2012.  That is when Don Richardson and Andrew Watts met for the first time; each with thoughts of opening up a microbrewery in Greenville, SC.  Both had put together plans for their company vision and, as luck would have it, those plans mirrored each other!  The two joined forces and Quest Brewing Company was founded.


Quest’s Home is Greenville, SC

Once the business was formed, a brewery name was needed.  After weeks of brainstorming, the name ‘Quest’ rose to the top of our list.  We wanted a name that emulates that passionate and adventurous spirit of the Greenville community.

     “People in Greenville are always on some kind of quest.  Whether it is to bike the entire Swamp Rabbit Trail or hike Table Rock, there is a very adventurous spirit here.  We wanted to embrace that.” -Quest’s Andrew Watts

Quest’s beer is meant to be premium and sought-after, much like a goal or quest.  The next time you are in Greenville, make it your quest to visit all our town has to offer.  Head to Falls Park.  Enjoy Main Street.  Most importantly, enjoy one of Quest’s hand-crafted beers!